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The Year 2014 starts with the inception of a new series of performances called, ‘States of Matter’. The four elements; Air, Earth, Fire and Water, are represented as Living Statues. Air, the first of the elements to appear on Living World Entertainment’s site is represented as a Romanesque statue. She is the most classically treated of the four elements.
The Living Statue Earth, hints at what lies beneath the earth’s mantle. Her voluminous cape transforms as she rises from the ground.

As 2014 moves forward Fire and Water will join Air on the States of Matter performance page under ‘performances’ in the menu bar.

All four elements interact beautifully with the 4 seasons that are portrayed as Living Vines. Each element and season has their own unique look and all have a story to tell as they move though the different phases of the element they represent.

2013 saw the act BAMBOO recreated anew this time featuring male performers. BAMBOO performed at a major Theme Park in the USA for six weeks. Two BAMBOO performers work together powerfully when they act as sentries or protectors of Nature guarding doorways and entrances.

For two consecutive years Living World Entertainment’s The Living Vines, have performed as Vine to Vine entertaining guests at the Venetian and Palazzo Casino and Resort the summer months as part of the show, Carnevale.

The Light Beings and the Living Winter Vines returned last November for the winter extravaganza at the Venetian Casino and Resort finishing January 5th 2014.

DiVine, the original Living Vine continues to draw guests on the daily basis at a major Theme Park in USA. 2014 marks the 15th year anniversary since her debut in 1999.

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