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On Jan 14 2016 Living World Entertainment presented their gorgeous new production debuting Living Water Statues in the performance titled, ‘Immortals.’ 
Immortals, is the crystallization of 15 years of work exploring the theme of nature and art and that which endures beyond our life span.
Living Water Statues links seamlessly with the performances of States of Matter, the Living Vines and Bamboo. 
Our performances can be booked for large events by weaving these acts together for a total experience or they can be booked any combination of various components depending on the needs of the venue or client. The versatility of our performances make it a compelling choice for our clients.
Immortals, continues our tradition of bringing to the entertainment world impactful performances of high quality.
DiVine, the original Living Vine continues to draw guests on a daily basis at a major theme park in USA.



Living World Entertainment sets the stage ablaze with the incorporation of Fire into the series of the States of Matter performances.
Earth, Wind and Fire represented as Living Statues interact beautifully with the 4 seasons who are portrayed as Living Vines. Each element and season has their own unique look and all have a story to tell as they move though the different phases of the element they represent.

DiVine, the original Living Vine continues to draw guests on the daily basis at a major Theme Park in USA.

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