About Company
Located in San Diego California, Living World Entertainment was founded by Priscilla Stephan.  Prior to launching Living World Entertainment, Priscilla was Founder, President, and Creative Director of 2nd Nature Productions, Inc.   Stephan springboards off the successes of the past 10 years with 2nd Nature Productions, Inc. bringing a variety of new and creative concepts to the industry.
Living World Entertainment’s ability to create unusual and amazing performances has attracted a dazzling array of clients.  The various acts within the company have performed for The United States Presidential White House, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, The Grammy’s, The Venetian/Palazzo (Las Vegas),  Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer, The San Diego Zoo, and Billionaire Eugene Melnyk.  Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the live performances of Living World Entertainment works seamlessly within a variety of entertainment settings.
About Priscilla Stephan
Originally from New Zealand, Priscilla received her Bachelors degree in, “Fine Arts” from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.  Her field of studies includes Dance Theatre and the Visual Arts.  During the 90’s, Stephan was based in Tokyo, Japan, and later New York City where the first presentations of her live performances took place.  Over the past number of years Priscilla has traveled and performed extensively thorough out Europe, Asia and the United States.
In 1999, Stephan formed 2nd Nature Productions, Inc. As Founder, President, and Creative Director, Priscilla conceptualized and spearheaded numerous creative projects.  Some of the live performance creations included DiVine and The Sirens which have now been incorporated into Stephan’s new company.  The Live performances from Living World Entertainment continue to mesmerize spectators internationally.  Moving further into the new decade audiences will see performances stemming from a highly surreal art base as well as work that draws deeply from the natural world.